1.physical foaming insulation production line

Physical foaming insulation is produced by advanced Austria ROSEDAHL physical foaming insulation production line (introduced in 2011) and Shanghai Fengcheng Machinery Co., Ltd physical foaming insulation production line (introduced in 2006), adopt DC dynamo and full digital DC master to achieve speed regulation, stable extrusion output, HP nitrogen injection system, to ensure the uniformity of the cable insulation and high degree of foam.

2.argon arc welding aluminum tube production line
America produced Web&Scher argon arc welding production line and Chengdu Maixinwei Electrical and Mechanical Co., produced argon arc welding production line. 11 sets of horizontal, vertical forming moulds, which can ensure welding stability of cable outer conductor, R angle grooved belt traction can ensure that the voltage standing wave ratio will not decrease caused by stress imbalance. Feature in good mechanical properties, small loop resistance, low power loss, and stable connection with connector, etc.

3.high speed braider
Braided outer conductor cable adopts domestic advanced high speed braider produced by Hangzhou SANP, Taiwan Putai, full-closed working, low noise and high safety factor. Advanced computer display operation, fault alarm function, to ensure balance lay of braiding, good appearance, max speed of 150 revolutions, which can improve production efficiency greatly.

4.sheathing machine
The machine features in large output, strong continuous production and high degree of automation. Adopt foreign advanced technology, high efficiency, 100% gelation degree. High precision, accurate temperature control, small temperature difference. Low noise, low power loss. Equip different accessory machines according to customers’ needs, such as shaftless pay-off equipment, crawler-type tractor, etc.

5.HP8714B network analyzer
HP8714B network analyzer provides quick, high precision, multifunctional RF network parameter testing capability, especially in mass production, inspection. Built in IBASIC function, for mass production line, it features in fast test speed of finished products, semi-finished products, high degree of automation, suitable for measuring RF coaxial-cable and overlong cable, with a high standard accuracy and measurement accuracy. HP8714B can be used to measure attenuation constant, RL, SWR, input impedance, transmission ratio of cable.
technical index of HP8714B network analyzer:
Dynamic range: greater than 100dB Dynamic range:> 100dB
Frequency range: 30KHz ~ 3GHz Frequency range: 30KHz ~ 3GHz
Resolution: 1Hz Resolution ratio: 1Hz

6.E5071C vector network analyzer
Dynamic range of E5071C reaches up to 105dB, suitable for overlong cable, with high calibration accuracy and measurement accuracy. HP8753E can be used to measure attenuation constant, RL, SWR, input impedance, transmission ratio, characteristic impedance of cable. Form high and low configuration with HP8714B in performance.
technical index of E5071C:
Frequency range: 30KHz ~ 8.5GHz Frequency range: 30KHz ~ 8.5GHz
Dynamic range: greater than 105dB Dynamic range:> 105dB
Resolution: 1Hz Resolution ratio: 1Hz