​General order for fiber optic cable cuts to intervene or replace fiber optic cables

Update:09 Jul 2018

(1) First of all, the optical fiber cutover plan should […]

(1) First of all, the optical fiber cutover plan should be agreed upon by both parties in accordance with the scheduling principle and scheduling sequence specified in the “Circuit Dispatching System” and reported to the higher authorities for approval.

(2) The fiber cutover process should try not to interrupt the circuit (especially not interrupt important circuits). When the original optical fiber is cut by the emergency optical cable, the spare optical cable should be connected first, and the spare optical fiber should be used as the substitute wire pair. According to the original cutover sequence, the reduction circuit is cut-by-pair to replace the intact optical fiber in the original barrier cable. If the pairing switching circuit or the original optical cable does not have a spare optical cable, the secondary circuit should be suspended. First, the optical fiber of the system is cut as an alternative pair, and then the cutover is performed according to the original cutting sequence.