​Optical fiber cable line formal repair

Update:02 Jul 2018

In order to formally repair optical cable obstructions, […]

In order to formally repair optical cable obstructions, communication must be maintained as much as possible, in particular, the communication of important circuits must not be interrupted. The construction quality must meet the requirements of the construction quality standards and maintenance quality standards for optical cable lines.

When repairing the obstruction of optical cable lines, the following issues should be noted:

1. The obstacles near the joint box or joint should be repaired by reserved optical fiber or joint pit reserved in the joint box. No additional joints are required. When there are reserved optical cables near the obstacle point, reserved optical cables should be used for connection and only one joint should be added.

2. If you need to formally repair fiber cable obstruction by intervening or changing the fiber optic cable, use the same manufacturer, the same type of fiber optic cable.

3, the length of the intervention or replacement cable can be considered by the following three factors:

(1) Taking into account the formal repair of fiber optic cable to use the OTDR to monitor the end station or relay station, or in the routine maintenance work to facilitate the identification of the adjacent two adjacent points of the obstacles; intervention or replacement of the minimum length of the cable must meet the OTDR instrument response Resolution (two-point resolution) requirements, generally should be greater than 100 meters.

(2) Considering that it does not affect the single-mode optical fiber to work under the single-mode steady state condition to ensure the communication quality, the minimum length of the intervention or replacement optical cable should be greater than 22 meters.

(3) Intervention or replacement of the length of the optical cable may refer to the principle requirements of (1) and (2), combined with consideration of actual conditions, and flexible control, such as: there are joints near the intervention or replacement of the optical cable, the optical cable should be as far as possible Extend to the joint and add only one joint.