Detailed analysis of cable structure

Update:16 Jan 2018

     Cable is a communication cable and its ancillary e […]

     Cable is a communication cable and its ancillary equipment constitute the electrical signal transmission system. Here to introduce the composition of the cable line structure.

     Cable routes by the wire, insulation, sheath and other components.

     Wire: Transmission of electricity, with copper or aluminum single or multiple strands, usually with multiple strands; Insulation: the wire and wire, wire and sheath insulation each other, the insulation materials are rubber, asphalt, polyethylene, polychlorine Most of the oil impregnated paper; Cover: protective insulation, and to prevent the role of oil spills, is divided into the inner sheath and the outer Protective layer; cable line overhead line overhead than high, but it does not set up the tower, covering less, reliable power supply, minimal external damage, personal safety.