Fiber Jumper

Update:12 Oct 2017

   Fiber jumpers (also known as fiber optic connectors) […]

   Fiber jumpers (also known as fiber optic connectors) are used to make jumpers from equipment to fiber routing. Fiber jumper has a thick protective layer, generally used in the optical terminal and the connection between the terminal box. Commonly used fiber jumpers include: ST type, LC type, FC type, SC type.
   Main Category:
   Single-mode fiber jumpers (Single-modeFiber): general single-mode fiber jumpers with yellow, connectors and protective cover for the blue; transmission distance is longer.
   Multi-mode fiber jumpers (Multi-modeFiber): general multi-mode fiber jumper with orange, and some with gray, connectors and protective cover with beige or black; transmission distance is shorter.
   Fiber jumper connector:
Sc: square fiber connector, FC: round with thread, ST: similar to BNC, LC: transceiver structure, MT-RJ: square, a double fiber, send and receive one
Pc: direct contact, APC: 8 degrees tilt angle contact surface, UPC: curved contact surface.