Main performance index of optical cable

Update:18 Oct 2017

Attenuation: attenuation index is an important index in […]

Attenuation: attenuation index is an important index in optical cable, the attenuation index is detected in the process of production, and the problems in production and process can be found.
Requirements for various optical fiber attenuation indicators (class a fiber):
B1.1 (Dan Mo): 1310nm = 0.36db/km
1550nm = 0.22db/km
B4 (Dan Mo): 1550nm = 0.22db/km
A1a (50/125: 850nm = 2.5db/km multimode)
1300nm = 0.7db/km
A1b (62.5/125: 850nm = 3.0db/km multimode)
1300nm = 0.8db/km
   Other indexes of optical fiber
Single mode fiber: mode field diameter, cut-off wavelength, dispersion, zero dispersion wavelength, zero dispersion slope, core cladding error, cladding diameter, coating diameter, polarization mode dispersion coefficient (PMD), etc..
Multimode fiber: numerical aperture, bandwidth, core diameter, cladding diameter, cladding non circularity, coating diameter, core package error, coating non circularity, coating / cladding error with the same core.
Mechanical performance of optical cable
Tensile, flattening, repeated bending, torsion, impact, etc..
Environmental performance of optical cable
High and low temperature performance of fiber optic cable (-40 ~+60 C), water permeability, drop performance.
Steel, aluminum with electrical conductivity, lap width of steel strip, PE sheath thickness meter accuracy.