Optical cable selection

Update:28 May 2018

In addition to the selection of fiber optic cable based […]

In addition to the selection of fiber optic cable based on the number of fiber optic core and fiber types, but also according to the use of fiber optic cable to choose the outer sheath of the cable.

1. When using outdoor optical cables for direct burial, armored optical cables should be used. When overhead, a black plastic outer sheathed cable with two or more stiffeners can be used.

2. Optical cables used in buildings should be noted for their flame retardant, toxic, and smoke characteristics. Generally, flame retardant can be selected in the pipeline or forced ventilation

However, there is a type of smoke (Plenum), and flame-retardant, non-toxic, and smoke-free types (Riser) should be used in the exposed environment.

3. When the vertical cable is installed in the building, the layered stranded cable (Distribution Cables) can be used; in the horizontal cabling, the Breakout Cables can be used.

4. If the transmission distance is within 2km, a multi-mode optical cable can be selected, and over 2km of available relay or single-mode optical cable can be selected.

Directly buried cable depth standard

Placement or soil depth (m) Remarks

Ordinary soil (hard soil) ≥ 1.2

Half stone (gravel, weathered stone) ≥ 1.0

Full stone quality ≥0.8 Add 10cm fine soil or sandy soil from the bottom of the ditch

Quicksand ≥0.8

Suburbs, villages and towns ≥1.2

City sidewalk ≥ 1.0

Crossing railways, highways ≥1.2 from the slag bottom or from the road surface

Ditch, Canal, Pond ≥1.2

Farm drainage ditch ≥0.8