What is a video coaxial cable?

Update:09 Jan 2018

         Video coaxial cable is also called video cable […]

         Video coaxial cable is also called video cable or video monitor cable, because it is mainly used to transmit video signals of a cable, used to connect the security camera and the actual terminal (computer or monitor, etc.) wire and cable.
Video coaxial cable standard and structure
Video coaxial cable using GB / T14864-1993 national standards. Video coaxial cable first by two coaxial, insulated cylindrical metal conductors constitute the basic unit (coaxial pair), and then by a single or multiple coaxial cable. Coaxial cable from the inside to the outside is divided into four layers: the center of the copper wire, plastic insulation, mesh conductive layer and wire sheath. The center copper wire and mesh conductive layer form a current loop. Because the center of the copper wire and mesh conductive layer named for the coaxial.

         Video Coaxial Cable Product Features
Video coaxial cable transmission performance and mechanical stability; uniform impedance; anti-interference ability. Video coaxial cable part of the product structure list: SYWV (physical foam) SYV (polyethylene insulation) SYF SYFF (fluorine plastic insulation and sheath).
Cable fault is a frequent occurrence of the following Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the causes of cable failure caused by seven, because the most direct cause of cable failure is to reduce insulation breakdown. Sensitive insulation reduces the number of friars, based on actual operating experience, summed up the following seven points,