12,14,18,116 Module Splitter with APC connector

12,14,18,116 Module Splitter with APC connector

Planar light wave circuit splitter(PLC Splitter) is an optical power device of light wave technology, based on quartz plate planar which is used in local side or termination of Passive Optical Network(EPON, BPON, GPON etc.) for splitting of optical signal. It can be widely used in optical transmission, long distance transmission, subscriber loop, FTTH, telecommunication, CATV, testing devices, fiber optic sensor, data communication and WAN.

12,14,18,116 Module Splitter with APC connector Details

Material number:YFMS-1:2A

Low Insertion.
Low PDL.
Compact Design.
Good channel-to-channel uniformity.
Wide Operating Wavelength: 1260-1650nm.
Wide Operating Temperature: -40°C - 85°.


Accurate mechanical dimensions
Low insertion loss .high return loss
Excelent compatfeility
Excelent repeatability
Excelent Temperature stability
No polishing, no Epoxy
More convenient to install
Life Time:Our fiber optic fast connector have at least 1 years lifetime,because
we introduce advanced production technology and 100% NEW raw materials
and well quality control.


Local Area Network
Optical fiber communication system
Optical access network(OAN)
Optical CATV
Optical fiber sensor
Fiber optics data transmission(FODT)
Active device termination
Equipment Test


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