LC OM4 SX Adapter without ear

LC OM4 SX Adapter without ear

A fiber optic adapter or coupler is a special passive component designed to mate or connect two ends of a fiber optic cable with high precision. Fiber optic adapters mate two ends of different fibers optic connectors, achieving the conversion between different connectors FC, SC, ST,LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000 and so on. They are widely used for Optical Distribution Frame (ODF),fiber optic communication device and equipment, with excellent performance, good stability. We can also call them Fiber optic Flange or Coupler.

LC OM4 SX Adapter without ear Details

Product name: LC OM4 SX Adapter without ear
Connector type: LC
Standards: ROHS/SGS/IEC
Color: Violet
Fiber Mode: MM
Ferrule: Ceramic/Phosphor Bronze
Green standards: Yes


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