P3 565

P3 565

It is widely used in cable TV, digital TV, CCTV, video transmission, security system and satellite TV. Trunk cable, branch distribution cable.

P3 565 Details

Physical Specifications

  Material Diameter
Inner conductor CCA 3.28mm
Dielectric Polyeihylene (Gas Injected) 13.20mm
Outer Conductor Seamless Aluminum 14.35mm
Outer Conductor Thickness Aluminum Tube 0.64mm
Jacket PE 15 86mm


Mechanical Specifications

Minimum Bending Radius 12.7cm
Maximum Pulling Tension 159kgf


Electrical Specifications

Capacitance 50±3pF/m
Impedance 75±3Ω
Nominal Velocity of propogation 87%


Resistance @ 68°F (20℃)

Inner conductor 3.l5Ω/km
Out conductor 1.12Ω/km
Loop 4.26Ω/km


Attenuation @ 68°F (20℃)

5MHz 0.46dB/100m
55MHz 1.54dB/100m
83MHz 1.90dB/l00m
211MHz 3.l2dB/100m
250MHz 3.38dB/100m
300MHz 3.71dB/100m
350MHz 4.04dB/l00m
400MHz 4.33dB/100m
500MHz 4.89dB/100m
550MHz 5.l2dB/100m
600MHz 5.38dB/100m
750MHz 6.07dB/100m
865MHz 6.56dB/100m
1000MHz 7.l2dB/100m


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