Patch cord FC

Patch cord FC

Optical Patch Cord is jumper wire from device to optical fiber link, usually used to connect optical transceiver and terminal box. Optical Patch Cord (also called optical fiber connector) is fiber cable assembled with optical connectors at both ends to get through fiber active link. Optical Fiber Patch Cord/Cable is similar to coaxial-cable just without reticular shielding layer. The fiber center is glass core of optical propagation. For the multimode fiber cable, the core diameter is 50μm~65μm and thin as a hair. But the core diameter of single mode cable is 8μm~10μm, the outside of it is glass jacket of which the refractivity is lower to keep the fiber within core.

Patch cord FC Details

Material number:C-S34-OM4

Name: Patch cord FC/UPC-ST/UPC MM OM4 SX 2.0/3.0 PVC/LSZH
Type of Connector: FC/UPC-ST/UPC
Standards: ROHS/SGS/IEC
Color: Violet(Aqua)(Orange)
Fiber Mode: OM4
Length: 1M,2M,3M,4M......
Green standards: Yes


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