SC APC attenuator

SC APC attenuator

Fiber optic attenuator as a kind of optical passive device is used in optical communication system, debugging the optical power and the calibration correction of optical instrument, attenuating fiber optic signal. It is made of attenuated fiber which includes metal ion and can adjust the light power to the required level. Optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber CATV and high power optical measurement device are used in input optical power attenuation, which avoids the distortion of optical receiver caused by strong input optical power.

SC APC attenuator Details

Material number:F1-APC

Name: SC APC Attenuator
Type: SC APC
Standard: IEC/ROHS
Color: Green
Fiber Mode: SM
Sleeve: Ceramic
Environment: Yes  



Item Unit Parameter
Operating Wavelength Nm 1310-1550
Attenuation Range dB 1-10dB(1dB step),15,20,25,30dB
Return Loss dB PC:≥50 UPC:≥55 APC:≥60
Attenuation Tolerance dB ≤1.0(11-30dB)
Working Temperature -25~+75
Storage Temperature -40~+85


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